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Chinese Introductions

Beijing Podcasts: Introductions in Mandarin Chinese

Introductions in Chinese

Listen how to introduce yourself in Mandarin, as well as learning the Chinese for colors, saying goodbye, plus useful language for renting an apartment in China, vocabulary for furniture and asking for help.

May, 2008.

Common phrases in Mandarin.


My name is....
What is your name?
Nice to meet you.

Language Difficulties

I don't speak any Chinese.
I speak a little Chinese.
Do you speak English?
Is there anyone who speaks English?


Red, black, brown, blue, yellow, white, gold, green, orange, gray, silver, pink etc

Saying "Goodbye"

See you tomorrow.
See you later.
See you next week.
I hope we meet again soon.

Looking for an apartment

I'm looking for an apartment.
Two bathrooms.
One living room.
A two-bathroom, one-living room place.


Furnished apartment with bathroom.
How many square meters is it?
Hot water heater
Dining table
Air conditioner

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