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Hong Kong Images

Images and Photographs of Hong Kong

Pictorial Views of Hong Kong, Macau and China

Hong Kong Images

Images of Hong Kong through the camera lenses of our on-the-spot photographers.

Enjoy these exclusive pictures of popular tourist destinations, as well as places off the beaten track, remarkable for their beauty, and historical and cultural interest. See for yourself the many faces of Hong Kong & Macau including Hong Kong skyscrapers, nightscapes and street life.

Images of Hong Kong, China are continually being added, so please check again for more.

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Images of Beijing and China

Photographers: Beijing Visitor

Bank of China

City Hall Hong Kong

Hong Kong Skyscrapers

Central Plaza

Hong Kong High Rise

Hong Kong International Airport

Stanley Harbour

Canton Road

Peninsula Hotel Kowloon

Clock Tower Kowloon

Hong Kong Buses

Tin Hau Temple in Stanley

Hong Kong Crossing

Hong Kong Road Sign

Causeway Bay


Noon Day Gun

Causeway Bay Boat

Skyscrapers Causeway Bay

MRT Sign Causeway Bay

Wan Chai

Historic Building Wan Chai

Lippo Centre

Chip Shop Hong Kong

Soho Hong Kong

Hong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences

Jamiah Masjid Mosque

Soho Signs Hong Kong

Mid-Levels Escalator

Hong Kong Toilets

Fringe Club Hong Kong

Duddell Street Gas Lights

Temple Door

Repulse Bay Hong Kong

Trams in Central

Lanterns in Stanley

Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

Apartment Building Laundry

Chater Garden

Causeway Bay Buildings

Dried Marine Products

Dried Duck

Dried Meat

Yellow Lines

Ruinas de Sao Paolo Macau

Hong Kong Rooftops

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