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Hong Kong Buses

Hong Kong Transport: Buses

Hong Kong Buses

  • Comprehensive bus network
  • Double deckers, public light buses
  • Buses run from approx. 5.30am-midnight
  • Night buses (N)
  • Bus terminals at Exchange Square and Star Ferry Pier

Hong Hong's bus network is efficient, cheap and comprehensive. Buses run frequently and are mostly air-conditioned. All buses (with the exception of red light buses) are part of the Octopus Card system, or pay the driver with the exact fare. Fares are based on the distance travelled and destinations are displayed in Chinese and English on the front of each bus, along with the number of the bus.

The major private bus companies operate both double decker services and night buses - look out for the N before the bus number for night buses. Night bus fares are priced higher than day time buses. The major bus terminals are located at Exchange Square in Central on Hong Kong Island and opposite the Star Ferry terminal at Tsim Sha Tsui on Kowloon.

To reach destinations such as Stanley, Repulse Bay and Aberdeen on the south of Hong Kong Island, buses are essential.

The Airbus from Hong Kong Airport is a cheaper alternative than the Airport Express. The A11 goes to the main destinations on Hong Kong Island and the A21 to Nathan Road and Tsim Sha Tsui in Kowloon. The E11 bus also runs from the Chek Lap Kok airport to Hong Kong Island.

Hong Kong bus, China. Hong Kong bus.

Green light bus, Hong Kong. Red light bus, Hong Kong.

The major private bus companies in Hong Kong are New World First Bus (NWFB), Citybus, and Kowloon Motor Bus (KMB) covering the major routes on Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and the New Territories. New Lantao Bus runs services on Lantau Island and Long Win Bus has routes to north Lantau and Hong Kong International Airport from the New Territories. There is no public bus service in the city.

Public Light Buses

Public light buses (minibuses) carry 16 people. There are two types: green and red according to the color of the roof. Green light buses operate on fixed routes with fixed prices. The exact fare or an Octopus Card is necessary - pay as you get on.

Red light buses operate on routes that are not always fixed and passengers can alight by calling out to the driver to stop. Pay as you get off. Change for small notes can be given. There are 4,350 public light buses in operation in Hong Kong, a number fixed by regulation.

Hong Kong buses. Hong Kong light bus.

Citybus & NWFB
Citybus Hotline Tel: 2873 0818
NWFB Hotline Tel: 2136 8888
KMB & Long Win
KMB Hotline Tel: 2745 4466
Long Win Hotline Tel: 2261 2791
New Lantao Bus
Hotline Tel: 2984 9848

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