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Shanghai Subway

Shanghai Travel Essentials: Subway

Shanghai Metro 上海轨道交通

Shanghai subway.

Shanghai is home to world's newest subway system. There are currently 11 lines running in the city including the Shanghai Maglev with over 270 subway stations. The Shanghai subway system includes both subway and light rail lines running on elevated tracks. There are over 430km of track on the Shanghai subway making it the world's longest with plans to expand to 22 lines covering 877km.

With the 2010 Expo held in Shanghai, a large expansion of the current subway system was undertaken.

Line 1 (red) for example runs north-south. It is convenient for the French Concession.

Subway stations can still be a bit spread out, and using the system requires a fair bit of walking. However, for the price and efficiency, it is a great way to get around Shanghai.

A major inerchange station is People's Square where lines 1, 2 and 8 intersect.

Trains run from approximately 5.30am to between 10 and 11pm.

Shanghai subway sign.Shanghai subway sign in daytime.

Shanghai subway signs

Both the trains and the stations are quite clean. Signs and carriage announcements are in Chinese and English. Metro stations have a red "M" sign outside their entrances.

Fares cost from 3RMB to 8RMB, depending upon how far you are riding. The Shanghai Public Transportation Card (SPTC) can be purchased and recharged at metro stations and convenience stores.

Keep your ticket. You will need to have it if you transfer.

Construction continued on several other lines in the lead up to the 2010 World Expo.

Line 2 (green) will join the city's two airports: Pudong and Hongqiao.

Line 7 is scheduled to be extended north to Shanghai University and to the southeast to Pudong to the planned East Shanghai Railway station.

Line 8 will be extended to Sanlin Town.

Line 9 (Shensong Line) will run through the city center to Pudong.

Line 10 will be the new east-west line.

Line 13 opened in time for the World Expo in 2010, and it will serve that area of town between Jinshajiang Road and Huajiang Road.

Shanghai's subway stations connect with Shanghai's extensive system of city buses.

In November 2011 two subway trains on Line 10 crashed between Yuyuan Garden Station and Laoximen Station leading to injuries to over 280 people.

Shanghai Metro Video

In Chinese, subway/underground is ‘Dì tiĕ', and it's written 地铁.

Listen to the sound of an announcement on Shanghai's subway

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