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Shanghai Museum

Shanghai Attractions: Shanghai Museum

Shanghai Museum 上海博物館

Shanghai Museum
  • Located conveniently in People's Park
  • Spacious exhibit space
  • Near shoppng and dining
  • Close to subway stops
  • bronzes, sculpture, ceramics, jades, paintings, calligraphy, seals, stamps, furniture
  • Works by ethnic minorities

Located in Shanghai's People's Park, the Shanghai Museum is well worth an afternoon. Devoted to ancient Chinese art, it also has wonderful exhibits of regional art and artifacts.

The permanent collection consists of ancient Chinese bronzes, sculpture, ceramics, coins, jades, paintings, calligraphy, seals, stamps, furniture from the Ming and Qing dynasties, and a large selection of crafts by ethnic "minorities" (i.e., non-Han).

Perhaps the most interesting exhibits are of the the clothing and goods related to the many non-Han peoples who still live in China. From clothing to tools, handicrafts to boats, the well-laid out exhibit is a splash of color.

The museum was established in 1952 and the present building was completed in 1996 with a design symbolizes "a round heaven on a square earth."

The Shanghai Museum also hosts temporary exhibitions of works from other museums from around the world.

Shanghai Museum.

Shanghai Museum

There is very little English explanation, beyond what the item is and where it is from, though free pamphlets in a number of languages are available in each room giving an overview and historical background to the collection. The Shanghai Museum though has worked hard to display the items in well-lit, elegant spaces.

In addition, Shanghai Museum is easy to navigate. There are four floors that are built around a large central atrium. Guide in hand, you go up a floor, circle through the galleries, go up a floor, repeat.

Shanghai Museum Access

Shanghai Museum

The Shanghai Museum is walking distance from Renmin Guangchang subway station. People's Park is quite centrally located, and it is possible to walk from the Bund (about 25 minutes).
Buses #574, #71, #123 and #46 also run to the museum.

The Shanghai Museum is open from 9 am - 17 pm daily. Visitors are restricted to 5,000 per day.

Admission was 20 Yuan ($2.80) during an early March 2008 visit.

The Shanghai Museum's web site is now advertising that, as of March 10, 2008 admission is free.

Shanghai Museum
No. 201 Renmin Avenue

Tel: (021) 63725300-132

Hot-line (021) 96968686.

Shanghai Museum also offers a restaurant near the south entrance, a cafeteria, a tearoom and museum shop.

Shanghai Museum

Shanghai Museum furniture piece

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