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Fuxing Park

Shanghai Attractions: Fuxing Park (Fuxing Gongyuan)

Fuxing Park 复兴公园

  • French-style park
  • Area of 10 hectares
  • Popular with tai-chi enthusiasts
  • Close to Huangpi Nan Lu metro Station
  • Located in the French Concession area

Fuxing Park (pronounced "foo-shing") in the former French Concession area was a private garden purchased by the French in 1908 and redesigned with elements of a classic Parisian jardin.

Known as the "French Park" in the colonial period, Fuxing Park has cherry tree-lined promenades, covered pavilions, a fountain, a center lake and ornamental flower beds.

The park's other facilities include a rose garden, a children's playground, places to eat and drink, and a modernist statue of socialist heroes Marx and Engels.

Fuxing Park, Shanghai, China.

Fuxing Park, Shanghai, China

The park was renamed Fuxing ("revival") in 1949 and now is a popular spot for tai chi enthusiasts, ballroom dancers, musicians and mahjong players.

Fuxing Park, Shanghai, China.

Fuxing Park, Shanghai, China

Fuxing Park Access

Fuxing Park
105 Fuxing Zhong Lu
Hours: Daily 6am-6pm

The nearest subway station is Huangpi Nan Lu. The park is south of Central Huaihai Road and just west of Chongqing Road South. Sun Yat-sen's Former Residence (Tel 021 6437 2954) is just to the west of the park.

Shanghai bus numbers #2, #17, #24, #36, and #42 all go near to Fuxing Park.

images of China by Daniel Allen