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China Pavilion

Shanghai Attractions: China Pavilion

China Pavilion

The China Pavilion at the 2010 Shanghai Expo consists of the 47,000-square-meter Chinese national pavilion, the 38,000 square-meter Regional joint pavilion and 3,300 square-meter pavilion of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.

The centerpiece is, of course, the spectacular China Pavilion. Built at an estimated cost of 1.5 billion yuan, the building features a traditional style red design known as an "oriental crown." The red color is an exact copy of the hue used in the walls of the Forbidden City in Beijing.

The pavilion covers 20,000 square meters, stands 63m tall and utilizes traditional dougong interlocking, wooden brackets joining the columns to the frame of the roof.

China Pavilion, Shanghai Expo.

China Pavilion, Expo 2010, Shanghai

The China Pavilion's eco-features include the sun-shading design and ecological shaping of the roof.

The theme of the pavilions exhibits will be "Chinese wisdom in urban development" with an emphasis on the values of harmony, nature and spirit.

The China Pavilion will be illuminated at night casting blue lasers out into the skies over Shanghai.


There are both Standard Day tickets including Single Day Admission, Special Admission (for senior citizens, students, military personnel and the disabled), 3-day Admission, 7-day Admission and Evening Admission tickets and Peak Day tickets.

Peak Days include the "Labor Day" Holiday (May 1-3, 2010), "National Day" Holiday (October 1-7, 2010), and the last week before the closing date (October 25-31, 2010), with 17 days in total.

The expected price for a Standard Day ticket is 160 RMB.

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Expo Access

Shanghai Expo 2010
No. 3588, Pudong Rd. (S) Shanghai, China

4 Expo ferries with a capacity of 500 people will sail on the Huangpo River to carry people to the Expo site. A bus route from Xizang Road in Puxi through the new Longyao Road Tunnel will connect the pavilions in various zones on either side of the river.

Three subway stations will serve the Expo site with stations on a new extension of Line 13. The line will connect with Line 9 at Madang Road. Line 8 will also serve the Expo site.