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Zhaolin Park

China Attractions: Zhaolin Park, Harbin

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Zhaolin Park 兆麟公园

Zhaolin Park, named after the Chinese patriot of World War II, General Li Zhaolin, is the major venue for the annual Harbin Ice Festival, held in January and February in the city.

The wonderful ice statues in the park are brightly lit at night and attract visitors from all over the world. Zhaolin Park is north of the St Sophia Cathedral and just south of the Songhua River.

Zhaolin Park, Harbin, China.

Zhaolin Park, Harbin, China.

The Jingu Hotel and the Shangri-La Hotel Harbin are both convenient for downtown Harbin.

Harbin Access - how to get to Harbin

There are daily trains to Harbin from Beijing (10-18 hours) as well as Changchun, Daqing, Qiqihar, Shanghai (31 hours) and Shenyang as well as connections to Moscow.