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Green Lake Park

China Attractions: Cui Hu Gongyuan, Kunming

Green Lake Park 翠湖公园

Situated on Cui Hu Nan Lu (near Yunnan University and Kunming Zoo), Cui Hu (Green Lake) Park in Kunming is a good place to relax, stroll or join the hundreds of exercisers.

The park is centered around the large lotus-filled ponds and has a number of picturesque pavilions and bridges among the plum gardens and magnolias in season. Like all Chinese parks, people gather to practice their hobbies whether it is playing music, practicing tai chi or speaking English.

The lake attracts migrating red-beaked gulls in winter, which visitors can admire from one of a number of lakeside cafes.

Green Lake Park, Kunming.

Green Lake Park, Kunming, China.

Kunming Hotels

The Kunming Uchoice Hotel and the Enjoying International Hotel are both convenient for downtown Kunming.

Green Lake Park Access - how to get to Green Lake Park

Cui Hu Gongyuan
67 Cui Hu Nan Lu
Open: 7am - 9pm; Admission: 2 RMB