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Tianjin Station

Beijing Travel Essentials: Tianjin Railway Station

Tianjin Station 天津站

Tianjin Station. Tianjin's railway station was first built in 1888 and was then reconstructed a hundred years later in the 1980s. Tianjin Station opens out in to a large square. Tianjin Station's exterior is noted for its central, cylindrical clock.

Now express inter-city bullet trains from Tianjin, operated by China Railway High-speed (CRH) on the Beijing-Tianjin Intercity Railway, travel at a top speed of 300-350km/hr, meaning you can connect to Beijing South Station, 114 km away, in just half an hour.

In time, the new Tianjin subway Lines 2 and 3 as well as an extension of the light rail Binhai Mass Transit (Line 9) will intersect at Tianjin Station in an underground extension to the mainline Tianjin Station.

Tianjin-Beijing trains stop at Yizhuang, Yongle and Wuqing en route from Tianjin to China's capital city.

The Beijing-Tianjin Intercity line is elevated and built on viaducts and an embankment.

From Tianjin Station there are buses and taxis to the city center and Tianjin International Airport located on the outskirts of the city.

Tianjin's other stations are Tianjin North Station, Tianjin South Station (天津南站) with trains to Beijing South Station and Shanghai Hongqiao and Tianjin West Station (天津西站) on subway lines 1, 4 and 6 and with HST connections onwards to Shanghai.

Tianjin Station, China. Tianjin Station.

Tianjin-Beijing train, China. Tianjin-Beijing train carriage.

The new Harmony trains on the Beijing-Tianjin route have automatic doors, wheelchair-friendly toilets in one car (#7), water boilers in First Class, rotating seats and headphone ports. A smooth, airplane-like ride without the turbulence and seat-belts is guaranteed.

Trains from Tianjin Station connect with a number of other cities in China, including Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Xian.

Tianjin Station, China.

Tianjin Station, China.



Most of the trains to Tianjin travelling on the superhighway called Jingjin Chengji Gaosu Tielu, 京津城际高速铁路 start with a letter C and run from 0635 until 2230 at night and are operated by China Railway Highspeed (CRH). Returning trains from Tianjin to Beijing commence from 0620 with last trains departing at 2330. There are both hard and soft seats, with prices from 58 Yuan upwards. The journey should last approximately 30 minutes.


There are 2 ways of checking in and this depends on the type of ticket you are holding.

If you are in possession of a plastic ticket with a metallic strip, you can use it to enter the platform via the automatic machines, which are similar to the ones you see on the subway. As well, unlike the subway, you get to keep the ticket afterwards.

If you have a paper ticket, you just go directly to the manned gate where the ticket-checker will manually clip your ticket before you enter.

Train Announcement

Listen to an announcement at Beijing Train Station

Tianjin Station homepage (in Chinese)

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