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Xian Weather

BBC Weather Forecasts: Xian, Lhasa & Urumqi

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Situated in central China, Xian is known for its hot and wet summers and dry and cold winters. As in many other central Chinese cities, autumn and spring are the best times to visit. Summer temperatures can rise to over 30 degrees Centigrade with the mercury dropping to below freezing in winter.

The BBC gives accurate weather information in RSS format for a number of other cities in China, including Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong.

Xian Weather

Lhasa, Tibet Weather

The high Tibetan plateau is known for its freezing winter weather and relatively pleasant summers. The main months to visit the Tibetan area is from May to October.

Urumqi Weather

Urumqi is located in Xinjiang which is a land of extremes. It is the largest and driest Chinese region, containing some of the Earth's hottest and coldest places

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