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Beijing Weather

Beijing Travel Essentials: Beijing Weather

Beijing Climate & Weather Forecasts

Beijing's weather is marked by extremes. Winter days from November to March can be well below freezing, with the lowest recorded temperatures below minus 20 degrees Celsius. The summer months from May to August sees the mercury rise to over 30 degrees Celsius with high humidity and occasional heavy rainstorms in August. It has been known for the temperature to reach even 40 degrees Celsius at the height of the summer in August.

Rainfall is also at its highest in July and August with the average precipitation over 200mm in August and around 170mm in July. Precipitation is lowest from October through March with snowfall now a rare but celebrated event.

The best times to visit Beijing are the brief spring in April and the near perfect conditions of the autumn months of September, October and early November before the bitter winter sets in.

Beijing smog.Dust storm in Beijing.

Beijing also suffers from dust storms when dust from the Gobi Desert is deposited on the city. Usually these storms occur in March but with the increase in desertification and deforestation dust clouds are not unknown at other times of the year.

Due to the increasing amount of traffic in Beijing - it is said 1,000 new cars enter the roads of the capital every day - pollution and smog can be severe, particularly during the hot summer months.

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