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Zhongguancun Market

Beijing Attractions: Electronics Shopping

Electronics Shopping: Zhongguancun

Zhongguancun Electronics Shopping Market, Beijing.
  • Zhongguancun Area
  • MP3 players, Mobile phones, Cameras, Computers
  • TOP Electronics City
  • Zhonghai Electronics Market

Zhongguancun electronics shopping market offers an incredible range of options to people interested in buying equipment ranging from MP3 players, mobile phones, cameras, computers and anything that hangs off them.

For those who have shopped at Plantip Plaza in Bangkok you will find Plantip Plaza reduced to a mere convenience store in comparison to Zhongguancun. The market is enormous! The market is more like a series of large multi storey shopping centres in one compact area.

Taipingyang, Beijing.Dinghao Market, Beijing.


Zhongguancun Electronics Shopping Market, Beijing.

Not only can you shop in the famous Ke Mao Da Shi, but you have options like PC Mall across the road, Zhongguancun e-Plaza, TOP Electronics City, and the nearby Zhonghai Electronics Market, Silicon Valley Computer City. You will find that there are both old and new sections to this enormous silicon valley' area, but both house a range of products.

As you shop be sure to know your prices and the exact model you want to buy. Many shops will allow you to come back for free service and advice if you talk to them about this before buying, but this does not happen in all cases.

Take your time in examining and testing products and discussing them. Be willing to go away for further research before committing to any purchase. Word on the street has it that Silicon Valley Computer City actually offers lower prices than the other electronics shopping areas to compensate for it being a little further away.

Off Price, Beijing.Off Price, Beijing.

Zhongguancun Electronics Shopping Market, Beijing.

Access - how to get to Zhongguancun electronics market

This famous electronics shopping area can be found just south of the North Fourth Ring Road, south of Haidian District and south of Peking University.

To access the market area by public transport take the subway to Zhongguancun Station on Line 4 or Wudaokou Station or tell any taxi driver that you wish to go to Zhong Guan Cun, Ke Mao Dashi.

Zhongguancun Area Map

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