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Beijing Shopping: Plastered

Beijing's Best Shops: Plastered

Daniel Allen

Plastered, Beijing, China.

Owned by long-term British expat Dominic Hill, Plastered's t-shirts have gained fame and popularity with both locals and tourists for their kitschy, ironic designs based on everyday Beijing imagery.

High quality t-shirts for men, women, and kids feature such logos as the old 1.20 Xiali taxi rate sticker, illegal street signs for reselling old drugs, subway maps and tickets, and the Chinese characters for gongbao jiding.

The artistic genius behind Plastered's designs, Dominic claims the Chinese capital gives him everything he needs to work with, commenting, "In Beijing, every time I turn the corner, I find something fascinating. Then I love it. I love the people. I love the city. I love the feel of the city. I love the look of the city. So it's very easy for me on the creative side to come up with new stuff. Because everyday I see stuff that I will stick on a T-shirt."

In addition to t-shirts, Plastered offers mugs, ashtrays, stickers, calendars, posters, and framed badges with the shop's most popular designs, which make great souvenirs and Xmas presents. Plastered also sponsor the occasional hutong catwalk show and promotion party, with models sashaying down the alleyway clad in Dominic's latest creations.

61 Nanluoguxiang
Tel: 139 1020 5721
Hours: Mon-Fri 1pm-10pm, Sat-Sun 10am-10pm
Men's t-shirts 98-150 RMB
Women's t-shirts 98 RMB
Kid's t-shirts 88 RMB

Plastered T-shirts, Beijing.

Map of Plastered

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