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Panjiayuan Market

Beijing Attractions: Panjiayuan Market

Panjiayuan Market 潘家园

Panjiayuan Market, Beijing.
  • Wonderful flea market
  • Jade, jewelry, statuary
  • Lots of "antiques"
  • Cultural Revolution-era goods
  • Thousands of stalls

This treasure trove of antiques, jade, beads, statues, posters, scroll painting and so on, never fails to fascinate and tempt visitors. Even some of the most hardened non-shoppers have weakened to the temptations of Panjiayuan Market.

There are thousands of stalls selling myriad items at this weekend market. Most of the stalls are under cover.

The Panjiayuan Market, sometimes called the Dirt Market, is located in the Chaoyang District of Beijing east of the Temple of Heaven. Panjiayuan Market is open on Saturdays and Sundays from dawn to dusk.

Panjiayuan Shopper, Beijing.

Many of the goods for sale are fake and or amazing kitsch or sold by unscrupulous dealers.

Having said all that, however, many of the stalls are run by people who have come from the distant corners of China to sell their local goods. And some of these products are of excellent quality.

Panjiayuan Market Access

The Panjiayuan Market is in Chaoyang, inside the East Third Ring Road and located between Panjiayuan Bridge and Huawei Bridge.

Panjiayuan Market is open Saturdays and Sundays from 4:30 am - 5 pm. You should plan to arrive early. Bargain hard.

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Chinese lanterns at Panjiayuan Market, Beijing.

Chinese lanterns at Panjiayuan Market, Beijing, China Mash Photos

Map of Panjiayuan Market

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Panjiayuan Market is close to Panjiayuan Station on Line 10 of the Beijing subway.