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Beijing Kite Market

Beijing Attractions: Kite Market

Beijing Kite Market

Kite Market, Beijing, China.
  • Off-the-beaten-track market
  • Find all sorts of Chinese kites
  • Antiques, food, bric-a-brac as well
  • North east area of Beijing
  • Excellent hand-made furniture on offer
  • Food, snacks and a supermarket

If you are seeking a drive out towards the edge of Beijing City, out in the direction of the Beijing Capital International Airport or Silver Pagodas or the expat area of Shunyi, or simply a visit to a very ordinary local market visit the Kite Market on Jingshan Lu, Sun He.

A visit to the Kite Market has to be one of the most colourful and authentic experiences in Beijing. The colors of the kites alone is well worth it for photo opportunities. The vendors at this market will certainly not harass you to buy their products. You are far more likely to be rewarded with friendly smiles and people happy to pose for photos or simply explain the reasons why you should buy their marvelous wares.

Beijing Kite Market.Kite Market, Beijing, China.

If you are looking to buy kites you will find examples of all shapes and sizes, including those big enough to send your young son or daughter sailing off into the wide blue yonder, if not yourself. The vendors help you in choosing kites to suit people of any age.

Kites with fixed supports or kites that fold up, spools of string up to 1000 metres long, gadgets to clip the string to your kite and other kite paraphernalia can be found in plentiful supply at rock bottom prices. You can even get the vendors to test fly your chosen kite and show you how to pack it away neatly ready to fly next time.

Whatever your needs you will find them catered for at the Kite Market, unless you are looking to buy the latest in high fashion. There are bicycles, electric bikes, Chinese tricycles and their carts, antique bric-a-brac, porcelain, terracotta warriors, a supermarket outlet, a department store, an indoor market section bursting with bargain shoes, stationery, clothing, lingerie, home ware and plastics. Back outside you will find fruit, vegetables, snacks, fresh meats, cooked meats, pickled vegetables, genuine and copy antiques, brooms, cookie stalls, sweet shops, herbs, spices, eggs from a range of birds, hardware stalls and plants for sale to name but some of the goods on offer.

Antique lovers beware! If you enjoy buying genuine Chinese carved furniture this has to be one of the best kept secrets for such furniture in Beijing. As there are not huge quantities of it, nor a large number of stalls, you will have to be quick to get the best choice. Some of the exquisitely carved four poster beds and huge wooden screens have to be seen to be believed!

Buddha head at Beijing Kite Market.Brooms at Beijing Kite Market, China.

Set right next to a new overhead expressway being constructed across the Jingshan Lu one has to wonder how long it will be before an off or on ramp will mean the end to this treasure trove and genuine experience with warm, friendly Beijingers.

Kite Market

Sun He Feng Zheng Shi Chang 孙河风筝市场西区1号

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Spices on sale at Beijing Kite Market. Beijing Kite Market, China.