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Wukesong Indoor Stadium

Beijing Olympic Venues & Stadiums: Beijing Wukesong Indoor Stadium

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Beijing Olympic Basketball Gymnasium 北京奥林匹克篮球馆 Wukesong Indoor Stadium 五棵松体育馆

When you see this newly finished stadium right near Wukesong subway station for the first time maybe you will mistakenly think that the building has been constructed of rather large, long, vertical planks of wood. In fact, this facility has been covered with many pieces of aluminum alloy plate on its facade.

On entering the basketball gymnasium, visitors will find three floors underground and four floors above ground, with a capacity for 18,000 spectators. Wukesong Indoor Stadium's funnel-shaped LED display system is the first high-definition LED display system like this in China. A four-sided LED screen hangs above the centre of the building. Audiences can relax in the comfort of upholstered seats and watch the action from all directions.

For those with more money to spend the stadium holds 45 luxury boxes, 29 of them large and 16 small ones on the second floor. Basketball is massively popular in China and the careers of Yao Ming and the other Chinese players in the NBA is followed with great interest back home.


Bus: Yuntong 115, 337, 370, 373, 436, 620, 624, 654, 711, 728, 740, 748, 751, 804, 817, 840, 913, 952, 967, 982, 983, 996 to Wukesong (五棵松) Station.
Subway: Take Line 1 to Wukesong (五棵松) Station.
Take Line 2 to Fuxingmen (复兴门) or Jianguomen (建国门) stations and change to Line 1 for Wukesong.
Take Line 5 to Dongdan (东单) Station and change to Line 1 for Wukesong.
Take Line 13 to Xizhenmen (西直门) or Dongzhimen (东直门) stations and change to Line 2 for Fuxingmen (复兴门) or Jianguomen (建国门) stations and then change to Line 1 for Wukesong (五棵松) Station.

Wukesong Indoor Stadium, Beijing.Wukesong Indoor Stadium, Beijing.