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Shooting Range Hall

Beijing Olympic Venues & Stadiums: Beijing Shooting Range Hall

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Beijing Shooting Range Hall 北京射击馆

As you approach the venue this incredibly long building seems to go on and on forever into the distance by necessity of the sport. The entrance to this 5,000 capacity arena looks a little like the shape of a clamp or giant tongs, while the end of the building is filled with steel supports in the shape of stretched bows ready to launch their deadly arrows.

A glass atrium dissects the three storey building to allow natural light to enter the hall and to save energy costs. The 10-meter, 25-meter, and 50-meter range shooting events of the 2008 Olympic Games and the shooting event of the Paralympic Games will be held here.

Visitors to the Beijing Shooting Range Hall may enjoy combining a visit to the Beijing Shooting Range Hall with a side trip to the very nearby mountains of western Beijing.

Access - how to get to the Beijing Shooting Range Hall

Bus: Yuntong 101, Yuntong 112, 318, 347, 489, 664, 972zhi, 992 to Beijing Shejingchang ( 北京射击场 ).
Subway: Take Line 1 to Pingguoyuan ( 苹果园 ) Station which is close to the Shooting Range Hall.
Alternatively take Line 2 to Fuxingmen ( 复兴门 ) or Jianguomen ( 建国门 ) stations and change to Line 1 for Pingguoyuan.
Another option is to take Line 5 to Dongdan ( 东单 ) Station and change to Line 1 for Pingguoyuan.
Or Line 13 to Xizhenmen ( 西直门 ) or Dongzhimen ( 东直门 ) stations and change to Line 2 for Fuxingmen (复兴门) or Jianguomen ( 建国门 ) stations to change to Line 1 for Pingguoyuan.

Beijing Shooting Range Hall. Beijing Shooting Range Hall.