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Laoshan Velodrome

Beijing Olympic Venues & Stadiums: Laoshan Velodrome

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Laoshan Velodrome 老山自行车馆

Laoshan Velodrome is a new Olympic venue for the cycling events at the 2008 Olympic Games. Laoshan Velodrome is located inside Beijing's West 5th Ring Road close to the cycling and fencing center of the State Administration of Sport. The venue covers 33,320 square meters with a three-story building holding 6000 seats, including 3000 temporary seats. There is a "super skylight" on the spherical dome of the venue which collects solar energy and it opens automatically if there is a fire or other emergency.

Laoshan Velodrome will also host the Paralympic Track Cycling competition so the stadium designers have included barrier-free features for Paralympic athletes and spectators.


Bus: 212Ye,325,327,337,354,389,472,621,622,663,728,941,958,959 to Jingyuan Lu Kou (京原路口).
Subway: Babaoshan (八宝山) subway station is the nearest station to this place. Visitors can travel directly by Line 1.
Alternatively, take Line 2 to Fuxingmen (复兴门) or Jianguomen (建国门) stations and then change to Line 1 for Babaoshan (八宝山) Station.
You can take Line 5 to Dongdan (东单) Station and change to Line 1 for Babaoshan (八宝山) Station.
Or take Line 13 to Xizhimen (西直门) or Dongzhimen(东直门) stations and change to Line 2 for Fuxingmen (复兴门) or Jianguomen(建国门)stations and then change to Line 1 for Babaoshan.

Laoshan Velodrome.Laoshan Velodrome.