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National Indoor Stadium

Beijing Olympic Venues & Stadiums: National Indoor Stadium

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National Indoor Stadium 国家体育馆

The National Indoor Stadium located in the Olympic Green, on Bei Chen Road, Chaoyang can seat 19,000 people and has a space of 80,900 square meters. It will host events such as artistic gymnastics, trampoline and handball. The architecture has taken "the folding fan of China" as the inspiration for the design, while incorporating green features.


Bus: Yuntong 113,386,407,656,737,740,753,804, 827,939,944,983 to Beichen Qiao Xi (北辰桥西)or 510, 839 to National Indoor Stadium (国家体育馆).

Subway: Olympic Green (奥林匹克公园) subway station is the nearest station to this stadium.
Visitors can then travel directly to the stadium by special shuttle bus for the Olympic Green.
Alternatively, take Subway Line 10 to Xiongmaohuandao Station and then change to the shuttle bus for the Olympic Green.
Or take Subway Line 5 to Beituchengdonglu (北土城东路) Station and change to Subway Line 10 to Xiongmaohuandao (熊猫环岛) Station.

Indoor Stadium, Beijing.