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Chaoyang Park

Beijing Olympic Venues & Stadiums: Chaoyang Park Beach Volleyball Ground

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Chaoyang Park Beach Volleyball Ground 朝阳公园沙滩排球场

Chaoyang Park Beach Volleyball Ground is located just north of Chaoyang Park. Prior to the Olympic Games this was a gas appliance factory. The steel structure of the Beach Volleyball arena is said to resemble a swallow's nest. This venue will be developed into a bathing beach after the Olympic Games.


Bus: 31, 117, 302, 350, 406, 419, 431, 499, 635, 672,673,675, 677, 682,731, 750, 758, 815, 852, 984, 985, 988 to Chaoyang Gongyuan (朝阳公园).
Subway: Gongtibeilu Station (工体北路) is close to Chaoyang Gongyuan. Take Line 10 to Gongtibeilu (工体北路). Take Line 13 to Zhichunlu (知春路) or Shaoyaoju (芍药居) and change to Line 10.