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Olympic Medals

Beijing Olympics: Olympic Medals

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Beijing Olympic Medals

Beijing Olympic Medals.

The medals for the Beijing Olympics were unveiled in a late March 2007 ceremony held at the Capital Museum in Beijing.

The medals for the 2008 Games have incorporated the design motif from "bi" - an ancient piece of jade on which a dragon is drawn. In keeping with this motif, the medals have jade in them for the first time in Olympic history.

The front side has the traditional Greek symbol for the Games: the goddess of victory Nike in the Panathinaikos Stadium

On the reverse side, according to the official web site of the Games, "the medals are inlaid with jade with the Beijing Games emblem engraved in the metal centerpiece."

The medal box, ribbons, and Olympic certificates also reflect a Chinese sensibility.

The medal box is made out of wooden lacquer and is rectangular in shape. The four sides curve slightly, which symbolizes "heaven and earth."

The ribbon moreover features a cloud pattern that has been woven onto a red strap.

Last, the certificate itself is made out of silk and rice paper.

The gold medals are said to weigh some six grams.