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Chinese Food Images

Images and Photographs of Chinese Food & Cuisine

Photographs of Chinese Food & Cooking

Images of Chinese food and cuisine.

Hundreds of images of Chinese food and Chinese cuisine through the camera lenses of our on-the-spot photographers.

Enjoy these exclusive pictures of Chinese food and cuisine. We present images of China's varied food from all over the country including Chinese food dishes from Beijing, Changbaishan, Guiyang, Mongolia, Nanjing, Sichuan, Tanghulu, Tibet, Xinjiang, Xian and Yangshuo.

Images of Chinese food are continually being added, so please check again for more.

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Images of Chinese Food

Photographers: Daniel Allen
Copyright Daniel Allen

Beijing Duck

Peking Duck

Cooking Beijing Duck

Beijing Duck Ready To Carve


Chinese Dumplings

Chinese Imperial Cuisine

Beijing Imperial Cuisine

Beijing Court Food

Chinese Court Food

Beijing Court Cuisine


Chinese Dumplings Jiaozi

Sun Dried Seahorses

Sun Dried Starfish On Sticks

Dried Chinese "Snacks" On Sticks

Chinese Food Market

Beijing Sweet Potato Stall

Mapo Doufu Sichuan

Sichuan Chillies

Sichuan Hotpot

Shui Zhu Yu

Costa Coffee



Mongolian Home Food

Beijing Street Stall

Beijing Tanghulu Stall


Tanghulu Stall

Changbaishan Hydrothermal Cuisine

Changbaishan Hydrothermal Eggs

Changbaishan Produce

Changbaishan Local Food

Guiyang Street Food

Guiyang Street Food Stall

Xian Street Food

Xian Food Stall

Xian Street Food Stall

Xinjiang Kebabs

Xinjiang Kebabs Urumqi

More Xinjiang Kebabs

Kebab Close Up

Xinjiang Nang Bread

Tibetan Butter Sichuan

Sichuan Dried Spice

Sichuan Red Pepper

Pumpkin Soup

Hangzhou Snacks

Chinese Hotpot

Sliced Cucumbers


Nang Bread

Xinjiang Noodles

Xinjiang Raisins

Xinjiang Noodles II

Yangshuo Chillies

Yangshuo Fish Hotpot

Fish Hotpot

Sushi, Hatsune Restaurant

Chopped Cold Cucumbers

Combination Fried Rice

Braised Chicken Wings

Mushrooms & Chinese Vegetables

White Radish and Ham Soup

Luogu Fusion Restaurant

Saveurs de Coree

Tibetan Tea Bowls

Tibetan Butter Bucket

Tibetan Milk Tea

Tibetan Teahouse

Lemon Duck Nanning

Lemon Duck

Nanjing Salty Duck

Nanjing Snacks

Sliced Ham

Sichuan Stew

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