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Beijing Culture

Beijing Culture

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Beijing Ways Of Doing Things

China is one of the oldest civilisations on earth. It has a way of doing things that is very different to other parts of the globe. Take a look at different areas of Chinese culture and find out how to interact within this culture.

We have information on everything from Chinese architecture, food, Halloween, Kung Fu, through opera, language, and Tibetan tea to Tai-chi and marriage in modern China.

Find Beijing and China cultural information on Anna May Wong, Ditan Book Fair, Bicycle Theft, Chinese Weddings, Pecha Kucha, Silk, Shadow Puppets, Coffee, Halloween and Christmas in Beijing.

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Beijing A-Z. Beijing Opera. China Glossary. Chinese Weddings.
Beijing A-Z Beijing Opera China Glossary China Weddings
Chinese Etiquette. Ditan Park Book Fair. National Grand Theatre. Back Lakes tour.
Chinese Etiquette Ditan Park Book Fair Grand National Theater Houhai
Mandarin. Chinese marriage ceremony album. National Anthem. Panjiayuan Market
Mandarin Marriage Ceremony National Anthem Panjiayuan Market
Qing Ming Jie. Beijing Shopping. Tai-chi. 99 Roses.
Qing Ming Jie Shopping Tai-chi 99 Roses
Chinglish. Beijing Art Scene. Architecture. Marriage in modern China
Chinglish Modern Art Architecture Marriage
Beijing nightlife. Sex in China. Yin Lichuan. Chinese New Year.
Nightlife Sex in China Yin Lichuan Chinese New Year
Chinese Home Cooking. Chinese Food. Beijing Cafes. One Planet, One People, One Universe.
Chinese Home Cooking Chinese Food Beijing Cafes One Planet
More Chinese Home Cooking. Images of Chinese food & cuisine. Images of Beijing. Images of China.
Chinese Home Cooking 2 Images Of Chinese Food Images Of Beijing Images Of China
Tibetan Tea. Kung Fu. Gay Beijing. Feng Shui.
Tibetan Tea Kung Fu Gay Culture Feng Shui
Christmas in Beijing. Halloween. Pecha Kucha, Beijing 2008. New Beijing Architecture.
Christmas Halloween Pecha Kucha New Architecture
Beijing Coffee. Shadow Puppets. Silk. Bicycle Theft.
Beijing Coffee Shadow Puppets Hangzhou Silk Bicycle Theft
Anna May Wong. 101 Essential Chinese Movies. I Love Beijing Beijing Furniture Market.
Anna May Wong 101 Essential
Chinese Movies
I Love Beijing Furniture Market

Expat Culture Articles

Read some humourous pieces on being an expat in China - dealing with culture shock, Chinese girlfriends AND their parents, getting married, Chinese people's English names, and the frustrations of living 1000s of miles from home.

Getting Hitched in China. Culture Shock. London, Beijing. Keeping Your Cool.
Getting Hitched Culture Shock London-Beijing Frustrations
Eggs-pat. Parental Pressure. Chinese Parents. Name Games.
Eggs-pat Parental Pressure The In-Laws Name Game

Books on Chinese Culture