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Beijing Getaways

Beijing Getaways - China Destinations

Beijing Getaways: Datong, Great Wall, Kaifeng, Nanxun, Pingyao, Qufu, Harbin, Urumqi, Huang Shan and Guizhou.

Beijing makes for a good base for exploring the rest of China. Here are a few ideas for trips from Beijing to other areas of interest in China including Shanghai, Xian, Dali, Lhasa, Lijiang, Yangshuo, Kashkar, Chengdu, Chengde, Guangzhou, Lake Karakul, Jiuzhaigou, Songpan, Hangzhou, Qingdao, Shenzhen, Nanning and Inner Mongolia.

Our China area and city guides have information on local attractions, hotel accommodation, places to eat and drink and full details on transport by plane, train and bus.

Datong. Great Wall of China. Kaifeng.
Datong Great Wall Kaifeng
Nanxun. Pingyao. Qufu.
Nanxun Pingyao Qufu
Yuyang Ski Resort. Harbin. Lijiang.
Yuyang Ski Resort Harbin Lijiang
Chengdu. Kashgar. Xian.
Chengdu Kashgar Xian

Changbaishan Lhasa Yangshuo
Changbaishan Lhasa Yangshuo
Urumqi. Jiuzhaigou. Lake Karakul.
Urumqi & Turpan Jiuzhaigou & Songpan Lake Karakul
Dali. Chengde. Shanghai.
Dali Chengde Shanghai
Huang Shan. Qingdao. Hangzhou.
Huang Shan Qingdao Hangzhou
Guizhou. Inner Mongolia. Nanning.
Guizhou Inner Mongolia Nanning
Shenzhen. Hong Kong. Macau.
Shenzhen Hong Kong Macau

Guangzhou Tianjin. Xianmen, Fujian Province.
Guangzhou Tianjin Xiamen
Nanjing. Shaoshan. Changsha.
Nanjing Shaoshan Changsha
Hanoi. Shanxi. Dalian.
Hanoi Shanxi Dalian
Suzhou. China-Laos Overland. Myanmar.
Suzhou Laos Myanmar

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