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Back Lakes Area

Beijing Attractions: Back Lakes Area

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Back Lakes Area

Back Lakes Area, Beijing, China.
  • Great lakes, parks, and restaurants
  • Prince Gong's Mansion
  • Preserved Hutong nearby
  • Shopping and bars
  • Located south of the North Second Ring Road

When the construction site that is much of Beijing becomes too much, the tour groups at the major sites (Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, the Great Wall, etc.) too overwhelming, it is time to head to the Back Lakes area.

During the Yuan dynasty in the 13th and 14th centuries the three lakes which make up the Back Lakes (Xi Hai (西海), Hou Hai (后海), Qian Hai (前海)) were connected to the Grand Canal and were important ports for the rice trade with southern China.

Houhai Winter Swimming, Beijing.

The Back Lakes area is close to downtown, green, a bit funky, has a great hutong, and is quiet. And, perhaps in an odd twist of fortune, the Back Lakes area is with one exception a bit of a walk from the nearest subway stop.

The Back Lakes area consists of three lakes--Xi Hai (西海), Hou Hai (后海), Qian Hai (前海)--that are strung together north of Bei Hai (北海), which is a large lake south of Dian Men Xi Daijie street.

A highlight is Silver Ingot Bridge - a marble bridge built in the 1980s, that joins Qian Hai Lake and Hou Hai Lake.

There is a lot of greenery and the buildings in the area are still on a human-scale.

The hutong in the Back Lakes is well preserved and its narrow alleys make for great exploring. There are also many restaurants and bars in the area.

Back Lakes Area, Beijing.

Places to See

Prince Gong's Mansion

This is the best-preserved royal residence in Beijing. Located on Longtoujing Jie a ten-minute walk from the Silver Ingot Bridge, a small bridge that spans Hou Hai and Qian Hai lakes.


Beijing's hutong are great for strolling and getting lost.

Drum Tower

A short walk from the Silver Ingot Bridge, the Drum Tower is on Dia'n Men Wai Daijie. Climb up to the top for great views of the surrounding area.

Mei Lanfang Guju

This is the residence of the great Mei Lanfang, a legendary opera star. A beautiful courtyard residence, it is on Meidaije west of Prince Gong's Mansion.

Back Lakes Area Access

Jishuitan Subway Station is close to Xi Hai, the northernmost lake.

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